How you can pick a lock with bobby pin with video

There can be various scenarios where you require the services of a locksmith immediately. Imagine yourself being locked out of your house in the middle of the night. It is almost impossible to find a locksmith at that time. But a few simple steps of lockpicking could come in handy and help you get inside without breaking the lock.

To pick a simple lock all you need is a set of 2 bobby pins.
Follow the steps below to learn lock picking with bobby pin


1- Prepare your kit:

The first step is to prepare your arsenal, and in our case, it's a small one. Flatten the first bobby pin by pulling it apart. Now, bend back the pin to create a shape similar to a hook. Congratulation! You have created the first tool, which will be used to pull the pins inside the lock aside.

*Quick Tip* The rubber knob at each end of the bobby pin must be removed. You can either pull these off with your teeth or a cutter of some sort.

2- Inserting the pin into the lock:
It's time to insert the tip of the bobby pin inside the lock. Make sure that you don't apply force, ideally, the pin should not be inserted more than 1 cm at this point. Now, push the outside of the pin to the left slightly with an aim to curl up the tip by a few millimeters only.
*Quick Tip* Only push the pin to the left by not more than 2 – 3 centimeters.

3- Creating a loop:
Create a loop like structure by bending one end of the pin. The main idea behind doing this is to make the pick easier to hold and applied pressure on.

4- Create a Tension Wrench:
Take that other pin and bend it from between. This could be best done with the help of pliers. This lever will actually act like your keys – turning the lock once you have moved away from the pins.

5- Action time:
With the help of the first bobby pin (which we have set up as a hook) try to push the pins up inside the lock. You know you're lucky when you will be hearing an audible click sound from inside the lock. The sound indicates that you have successfully move one pin aside. A typical lock can have as many as 5 pins inside.

Keep going, move pins to the shear line. On pushing up the last pin, the lever will be able to completely turn the lock and open it.


Another video using thick bobby pins. 

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