How to Pick a Lock with Knife (Bypass)

As they say, nothing in this universe is useless. You will be amazed how simple tools can help you do something magical. The majority of us had faced unintentional door locks, no matter what the root cause might be but we all have gone through this troublesome scenario.

Breaking the door or waiting for the keys to arrive is not a considerable option. So what to do in such frameworks? In this article, we will show you how to tackle the plot with just an aid of a knife.

But before applying this act into practice you have to make sure of some credentials listed below:

  • For a complete safety procedure, you must choose a butter or putty knife.
  • This guide is only for educational purposes, breaking out someone’s lock without consent is illegal.
  • This will only work on some doors if there is any wood or metal protecting the frame and the lock this won't work.

You need a big/long butter or putty knife to get things started. You can also use a sharp long knife but safety will be compromised.

  • Put your knife in between the door and frame that supports the door.
  • Slide the knife inside with the sharp side facing down above the top door’s knob.
  • When you have investigated the door’s bolt apply some downwards pressure 
  • Apply the pressure until you slide the bolt out of the door jam.
  • The main goal is to get in between the bolt and the door jam.

Keep applying the force for getting in between the bolt and door jam. Similarly, applying the pressure towards the door opening will help a bit. Keep trying and you will achieve the goal soon.


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