Some of the hardest locks in the world to pick

When we talk about lockpicking, there are many things that pop up. Lockpicking is a mix of skills, art, and science and can't be talked about in isolation. In this article, we will be talking about some of the locks that have given real nightmares to lockpickers.

To be honest, there is (and will be) no lock that can be declared unpickable. With some time, effort and dedication – every lock in the world can be picked. But the complex the lock is, the harder it is to pick. Standard, pin tumbler locks are the simplest form of locks, introduce security pins to it and the mechanism gets harder to pick. What really makes the lock hardest to pick is continuous innovation in its mechanism.

Do you know how lockpickers go about practicing picking locks? They usually start with identifying the fault in the lock and then work their way forward. So, we can say that the rarest locks are hardest to break into. Because most lockpickers haven't seen its mechanism, it is going to take some time before they finally conquer it – and during this time, that lock might carry the crown of "unpickable lock" with it.
Anyway, swinging back to our topic, here is our list of the hardest locks to pick in the world.

1. HYT Chain Key

The HYT Chain Key is a perfect example unique design coupled with excellent security features. This lock has a special type of key and keyways that adds to the security it provides. The phrase Chain Key might sound a little odd but there is a reason behind it. The key of this lock is actually a chain that is pressed into the lock to open it. Because of this unique design, it is almost impossible for a beginner or mid level lockpicker to open this lock. The delicacy and rarity of this lock make this more of a collector's item than a practical lock. However, you can still use this lock to prevent your valuables as some say that HYT Chain Key lock hasn't been picked to date.

2. Kwikset Smart Key


This cool lock came out in the year 2008 and works on a completely different technology and offers more security than any other lock in its league. The reason why we think this technology is different is because it lets the owners change its key without any help from a locksmith. When it comes to picking this lock, the lockpickers are usually aware that raking, picking or bumping would be ineffective of this lock. The only option left is drilling.
When this lock first appeared on the screen, it had a major flaw. It was easily pickable with a screwdriver from outside. However, this flaw has been well attended to and it is long gone now! So, no need to worry if you're thinking about buying this one.

3. Schlage deadbolt

One of the pricier locks in our list but everything is justified about this lock. With higher price comes higher quality; the material used in the making of Schlage deadbolt is pure steel. As per most lockpickers who tried to defeat this lock, Schlage can't be picked or raked. However, a few bumping techniques seemed to work.


This is one of the magnetic locks that we are particularly fond of. The special design of the metal key along with unique round, small holes makes the lock harder to pick. Every key of EVVA MCS has a unique magnetic pattern, so making another key is almost impossible. For this lock to be picked, it is essential for a lockpicker to carefully study the key.

5. Shi-He Chi-Me U-Lock

OKAY! You're not the only one who finds the name of the lock complex. But not only the name, the mechanism it has is pretty complex too, even for the most experienced lockpickers. This lock is mainly produced in China and even there it is not very commonly used.

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